I really appreciate your work.  The apathetic angelic simplistic temporary fragmented angel character is beautiful.  I hope you have an interesting life (that's what a random lady on a pier told me last week) Thank you,


I am a dancer and I love your drawings, your lines literally dance.


C'est juste.... j'adore !


Just wanted to say, your artwork is really beautiful. I wish I express that less plainly, but it all sounds too much. So, I'll leave it at that, beautiful (but imagine it underlined, italicized and in bold so you know it's said in a really intense meaningful way!)


Your sketches are gorgeous. 


Yo veo mi vida a manera de sus dibujos.


Yeah they look way sad. I like your “angel” as well. your drawings show your personality so well. I write in Georgian :(  its quite late here…but its my birthday today.


Hey! You're so talented & I love your art style.


Not gonna lie i scrolled through about 80% of your blog the first time i went on it. Your work is incredible and is of a style that inspires me. I've always had a pencil in my hand purely due to its accessibility but paint is something id love to work with but I've never known where to start. 

I would like to express to you my love of your art, not only is it transfixing it is memorizing and I cannot stand to not have a copy in my home any longer. Thank you so much for your time.


I am obsessed with your work!! I went to art school for the majority of my life and I came across your work (idk how) and I have fallen in love with it.


The singular expression of Gabriel's artistic ideas can be found in the line that goes through his work.  The line is not a boundary, but a direction; it moves, and, following its movement, the eye realizes a whole, like a dream come alive.  The rest-the color, the shapes and shadowy images-seem, like adjectives, always to enhance the line; but it is the line itself that carries the essential message.


The medium of the paintings are oil paint, charcoal and graphite.  Each piece tells a story over time.  In my mind, the layers of materials and returning in the creation process end up showing through the work as a story.   There is an essential solitary quality to painting and drawing, these works attempt to capture that quality and the tonality  is often muted to capture the natural and solitary quality of the process of making art.